Black Spanish Carrot

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

65-75 days. A rich dark purple carrot, reminiscent of the ancient carrots of the Middle East. Purple/black carrots were originally brought to Andalusia, Spain, from North Africa in the 14th century along the Silk Road. Black carrots are still popular in the Malaga region; often sliced extra thin, eaten raw or baked into a stunning purple carrot cake. In Mallorca, the Black Carrot is cooked with stock and olive oil and creamed. Earthy and spicy as opposed to sweet, it’s delicious roasted with other root veggies, making a nice color contrast of deep purple outside with white inside. It likes cooler weather, so plant early or late in the year; in Zone 8 and warmer, plant only in fall or winter.

Collections: Vegetable Seeds

Category: Carrot, Veggies

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