Mosquito-Eating Dragonflies

Mosquito-Eating Dragonflies

July 20, 2019

Not only are dragonflies cute but they eat those pesky mosquitoes. Dragonflies love to eat mosquitoes at all stages of life.

How can one attract dragonflies if they don’t seem to live in your area? Adding the following plants to your landscape will attract dragonflies and encourage the population to flourish!

Dragonflies are aquatic insect predators by nature so a small body of water such as a pond is ideal to have in your landscape. When dragonflies mate, they leg eggs in water. Some of the plants below do very well in wet environments but the first 5 plants in this list are best suited for those without a pond. The last 5 plants are better suited for a wet, shoreline environment.

Here are 8 plants to help 

For dryer climates try:

Moist climates:

  • Wild Celery
  • Cattail
  • Water Horsetail
  • Water Lily 

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